About Us

Event Zero was formed in 2005 by its 3 founders; David Tucker, Matt Crump and Jerome Witmann. In the very early days, the company was focused on solving the problems of large transactional system orchestration. Basically a generic tool used for monitoring, debugging and issue tracking when high volume transactional backend systems have problems with a single transaction and its orchestration between many servers and services.

The particular systems we were experimenting with at the time were receiving transactions in the millions per day and on occasions many more, and each transaction touched or passed through up to 9 systems before being completed. As you can imagine – when a single transaction fails within that system it’s extremely difficult to track down by hand, looking at log files and sorting through millions of database transactions to find the cause of a failure. So we built a solution that at the time was called “corlog”.

With several years of solid research and development work behind us, we happened upon a technology paradigm called “Complex Event Processing” (CEP). When we looked closely at this set of technologies, we discovered that we had in-fact been building a form of CEP ourselves. We did take a slightly different approach to CEP than what most others were working on at the time. We realised that competing CEP technologies based very much around what we referred to as a “temporal stage” had a great deal of applicability to looking at very fast flowing transactions that occur over relatively short time spans. On the other hand we were working on solving problems with transactions that happen in very large volumes, but could last a long time (30-60-90 days or even a year in some cases).

Temporal Stage based CEP would not have suited our particular problem set very well. So we turned it up-side-down and on its head – so to speak. The solution that we had come up with was a State based event processing engine. It could achieve simular results to other CEP technologies, but was far more suited to longer time span transaction analysis.

As our technology matured and we began looking at implementing solutions using the technology, the whole Green IT topic was moving very quickly. A number of people asked us if we had looked at implementing Green solutions using our technology. One organisation (the Queensland State Government CIO’s Office) approached us with a question: “Could you build a solution to influence users to consume less energy on their computers without forcing them to turn off”. We accepted the challenge and 4 months later, Greentrac was born.

Greentrac is based on the notion that given the right information at the right time, people will make more informed decisions. So we built Greentrac to look at the behaviour of how people use their desktop computers and make recommendations on how they could use less energy and what the result would be if they did. Over the next few years we built several products around the same base Greentrac Technology including Lifecycle, Ready Pool and Kickstart.

As our customers deployed Greentrac and really started using the solution, many of them started asking for new features, new reporting and new information. We realised that the trend from our customers was not just to be Green, but also to improve their understanding of the makeup and use of their PC fleets. These questions became so frequent that we started work on a completely new product called “Enterprise Commander”.

To build Enterprise Commander we went right back to the start and rebuilt the entire CEP platform from the ground up; along the way improving stability, speed, flexibility, and most importantly vastly improved the development time for new applications we build on the platform.

Towards the future, the company plans to expand the platform and open it up to 3rd party developers.

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