The Dossier product family is an integrated suite of tools designed specifically to enable organisation-wide analytics for Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business deployments.  Dossier gives administrators actionable intelligence about their Lync and Skype for Business environment and its utilization.

Executive analytics and reporting for Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business

It’s common knowledge that Unified Communications is changing the way organizations big and small are communicating internally and with the world. Leading the charge in the new breed of platforms in the UC space is Microsoft’s Skype for Business Server (formerly Lync). But voice communications is a mission critical tool for all businesses: if you can’t communicate, you can’t do business. Given the critical nature of voice, and the adoption rates, how do management and executive teams become comfortable with their deployments of this new technology, both during adoption and after completing deployment?

Introducing Dossier: Managers. When it comes to providing management-level views and reports, Dossier: Managers is your answer and the must have tool for every Lync/Skype for Business deployment. Best of all: it’s completely free and deployed in just minutes!

Dossier: Managers

Lync and Skype for Business Enterprise Voice analytics and reporting

The Dossier: Enterprise Voice module enables administrators to gain unparalleled insights into all aspects of Lync/Skype for Business voice traffic, for both PSTN and internal P2P calls.  Proactively determine environmental issues in real-time with simple and easy-to-understand charts and tables, review usage patterns, and plan for future growth.  Troubleshooting individual call issues has never been easier with the Call Expert, which combines telemetry from not only the call in question, but also server performance metrics, and aggregate statistics from all other calls that used the same pathways during the same time period. This helps administrators get to the bottom of what caused poor call quality quickly and efficiently.

Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Lync and Skype for Business conference call analytics

Replacing existing expensive conferencing services with Lync is one of the most used business cases for introducing Lync technology into business. Call conference costs can be reduced by as much as 60%-70% while at the same time providing increased functionality and features to this well used communication tool. Realising conference call cost savings is easy, but proving the ROI to the business is often overlooked and an understanding of how this new technology is actually being adopted across the enterprise is next to impossible.

Introducing the first tool built specifically for Lync Conference reporting - Dossier for Lync Conferences. Dossier for Lync Conferences is built from the ground up to provide real-time Operational Awareness around your Lync conferencing capabilities, providing for the first time, dedicated data and reports to aid your organisations ROI and adoption reporting.

Dossier: Conferences

Lync device location reporting

One of the most frustrating elements to any communications infrastructure is not knowing who and what is connected to it. Customers no longer need to be in the dark with Microsoft Lync – Dossier: Devices breaks that mold! Administrators can now see what devices are connected to which Lync Servers/Pools and most importantly who is using those devices, all in real-time.

Dossier: Devices also provides advanced analytics and reporting for provisioning and auditing purposes.

Dossier: Devices

Real-time wall boards, analytics and reporting for RGS

Microsoft Lync introduced many organisations to a low cost, feature rich alternative to traditional call centre software called Response Group Services. And while Response Group Services is a feature built into the standard Lync product, it lacks good management, analysis and reporting support out of the box. Dossier: Response Groups fills that gap.

Dossier: Response Groups

Lync and Skype for Business instant message analytics and reporting

Instant Messaging (IM) has over the past 10 years become one of the cornerstones of all Unified Communications implementations and Microsoft Lync has one of the best implementations of Enterprise IM available. With advanced features such as encryption and easy-to-access federation, Lync is a clear front runner in the field, but when it comes to reporting and compliance, Lync falls short on the tools Enterprise Organizations require. Lync’s out-of-the-box reporting lacks even simple Organizational  wide data about IM users.

Dossier for Lync IM significantly extends the reporting available for Lync IM to organizations of all sizes, providing true “Operational Awareness”. From simple data about IM volume and use on an environment wide, site level and individual level, through to advanced analytics that can help HR find the most influential users across the organisation.

Dossier: IM

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