Dossier: Response Groups

Microsoft Lync introduced many organisations to a low cost, feature rich alternative to traditional call centre software called Response Group Services. And while Response Group Services is a feature built into the standard Lync product, it lacks good management, analysis and reporting support out of the box. Dossier: Response Groups fills that gap.

Real-time wallboards

Real-time wallboards

Real-time dashboards for Response Group Services displays managers and staff, all relevant information about what callers are in Response Group Workflow, Queues and On Calls including number of calls, wait time, top callers, top Agents, longest and shortest calls, and much more. Each dashboard can be viewed inside the product, or separately for mounted information displays.

Leverage the power and features of UC Commander

Leverage the power and features of UC Commander

As with all Event Zero products, Dossier: Response Groups is built to leverage the powerful features of the UC Commander Application Platform, and as a result inherits the strengths of UC Commander such as Scalability, Reliability and Trust. Other built in features such as the reporting subsystem, power lists and views, notes and search also become available to Dossier: Response Groups.

On-Premises or on-demand deployment options

On-Premises or on-demand deployment options

Save resources, time and money by deploying Dossier: Response Groups as a fully managed solution in the Event Zero cloud. Provisioning takes just minutes and only requires a small amount of configuration at the customer’s site. Or for customers that demand greater control over their computing environment – deploying Dossier: Response Groups on premises takes only around 30 minutes to be completely up and running.

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System Compatability

Client Software

  • Lync for Android
  • Lync for iPhone
  • Lync for OSX
  • Lync for Windows Mobile
  • Lync for WindowsRT
  • Windows Lync Client 2010
  • Windows Lync Client 2013

  • On-Premises Environment

  • Microsoft Lync Server 2010
  • Microsoft Lync Server 2013
  • Skype for Business

  • Other Products

  • Dossier for Lync Conferences
  • Dossier for Lync Response Groups
  • Dossier for Microsoft Essentials
  • Enterprise Commander

  • Product Requirements

    On-Demand (Cloud)

  • Internet Access

  • Platform

  • Enterprise Commander (Free)

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