Twync is a Twitter to Federated Skype4B IM bridge or in simple terms, Twync is a tool that enables Skype4B users to receive "Tweets" from Twitter in their IM client. Twync is a one-way bridge that allows traffic in the form of tweets from Twitter to flow into a Skype4B IM client. It's very simple to use and requires no software to be installed, provided your Skype for Business environment has either open federation or is federated with Event Zero.

How to use Twync

To use Twync simply send an IM with the text "help" (without the quotes) to and Twync will respond with a list of commands some of which are described below.

Twync modes

Twync has several different modes for sending Instant Messages from Twitter - Active (Default), Always, and Queue.

  • Active - only sends IM's from Twitter subscriptions if you're Presence Status is Active at the time the tweet was sent. This means that if a tweet is sent while you are off line, idle or busy you will not receive an IM.
  • Queue - tweets are queued up for a maximum of 30 days while your presence is in any of the off-line, idle or busy states and sends them when you become active again.
  • Always - sends each tweet from your subscriptions regardless of your presence status

To change Twync modes, you can send the text "mode always", "mode active", or "mode queued" to Twync will then operate in the selected mode.

Following a Twitter account

To follow any twitter account, send the text "follow @twitter_acount" (where twitter_account is the name of the twitter account that you would subscribe to on twitter) to from your Skype for Business IM client. Twync will then respond with a confirmation of your new subscription.

Unfollowing a twitter account

To unfollow a Twitter account, send the text "unfollow @twitter_account" (where twitter_account is the name of the account you want to unfollow) to Twync will respond with a confirmation that the subscription has been removed.

Show all accounts you're following

To see all of the Twitter accounts that you are following, you can issue the show subscription command by sending the text "show subscriptions" to and Twync will respond with a list of all of the accounts you're following.

Unfollow all subscriptions

If you would like to quickly unfollow all of your subscriptions, you can simply send the text "unfollow all" to and Twync will unfollow all of your subscriptions with the one command.