Introducing the World’s Best PC Fleet Power Management Solution

Event Zero’s Greentrac product suite extends achievable workstation energy savings from the traditional 25% potential to levels as high as 85%.  The toolkit contains the necessary components to enable a broad range of targeted strategies including user engagement, safe power state change and unparalleled reporting to support all management information requirements.

Greentrac Essentials provides real-time and scheduled reporting covering the organization, the sites, the asset infrastructure and use of the asset infrastructure.

Essentials also provides easy to use targeting of power policies (more than 30 variables) that enable power policies to be effectively deployed without negatively impacting users and their productivity.

Greentrac Essentials

Greentrac Incite provides the most sophisticated messaging system for supporting end users in changing their energy consumption patterns without the need for power policies and without any impact to the end user privacy.

Incite supports balloon, dialog box and full screen messaging with adjustable frequency and trigger criteria.

Greentrac Incite

Greentrac Compliance provides reporting required by the Australian Federal Government GreenICT guidelines, reducing compliance reporting costs whilst providing ongoing reporting to enable greater compliance.

Greentrac Compliance

Greentrac Ready Pool allows customers to control and manage the availability of PCs in environments with highly dynamic usage requirements. Ready Pool ensures you maximise the availability of shared PCs for users, whilst minimising energy waste and carbon footprint. Ready Pool is designed for environments such as internet kiosks in airport lounges, university computer labs and libraries, POS terminals in supermarkets, or in overflow and disaster recovery sites.

Greentrac Ready Pool offers the perfect solution to automatically power-up and power-down PCs which are defined as belonging to a pool to ensure that your staff or users always have access to the right number of PCs needed at any given time. Greentrac Ready Pool creates a perfect fit, between varying levels of demand over the course of any given day, and the number of PCs that are available to meet that demand.

Greentrac Ready Pool

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