Greentrac Essentials

Introducing the World’s Best PC Fleet Power Management Solution

Event Zero’s Greentrac product suite extends achievable workstation energy savings from the traditional 25% potential to levels as high as 85%.  The toolkit contains the necessary components to enable a broad range of targeted strategies including user engagement, safe power state change and unparalleled reporting to support all management information requirements.

Greentrac Essentials provides real-time and scheduled reporting covering the organization, the sites, the asset infrastructure and use of the asset infrastructure.

Essentials also provides easy to use targeting of power policies (more than 30 variables) that enable power policies to be effectively deployed without negatively impacting users and their productivity.

Power management beyond the on off button

Power management beyond the on off button

Greentrac™ offers a comprehensive suite of power management functions
for your PC fleet, including: 

• Automated and highly configurable PC power management tools with the ability to start up, shutdown, hibernate and standby PCs when required.
• Baseline measurement to track improvements and claim carbon credits.
• User based reporting (not asset-based).
• Precise energy measurement of your entire PC fleet by accurately monitoring low level components of each PC with insignificant overhead.
• Support for complex energy tariff cost structures, multi-location, multi-language and
• Support for multiple time zones.
• Support for Wake on LAN and Intel vPro™.

More than just green

More than just green

Greentrac™ is a robust, real-time, scalable, monitoring technology for your PC fleet. Our first suite of Greentrac™ reports and functions, center around PC Fleet energy and power management. This is partly due to the topical nature of “Green” initiatives within corporations but also because the energy savings, reduced carbon emissions and positive employee engagement can be achieved with a relatively small investment of time, effort and capital. Once Greentrac™ is installed across your PC Fleet, there are a range of reports and functions you can enable that have nothing to do with “Green”, but everything to do with making the IT job easier.

Ultimate accuracy

Ultimate accuracy

Greentrac is one of the most accurate tools in its class, taking into account over 100 different aspects of Endpoint, Environment, and Tariffs for each energy measurement.

The amount of energy each PC uses varies minute to minute and even second to second as a result of machine activity and connected peripherals, and other influences.

Most power management products use a constant energy use amount, based on the PC’s power supply power rating. Greentrac calculates PC energy use by measuring low level machine activity and attached peripherals, to produce an accurate picture of PC energy use. You know what it really costs to run your PC fleet and what the potential savings are really worth.

International language support

International language support

All Greentrac products have full support for internal languages (including double byte languages). Greentrac comes standard with US English, GB English, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian and Korean languages. If you require a different language, please use the contact form and let us know which language you need.

System Compatability

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  • Product Requirements

    On-Premises Environment

  • VMWare ESXi 4.1 and above

  • On-Premises Hardware

  • 2 CPUs
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 30 GB Disk (minimum)

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