Greentrac Incite

Greentrac Incite provides the most sophisticated messaging system for supporting end users in changing their energy consumption patterns without the need for power policies and without any impact to the end user privacy.

Incite supports balloon, dialog box and full screen messaging with adjustable frequency and trigger criteria.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Our research has shown that involving employees in the energy saving campaign can lead to a 30% increase in efficiency over current automated shutdown power  management strategies. Greentrac™ provides each employee with a “Personal Electricity Meter” on the Intranet that displays their PC usage pattern, Kw/H, Energy Cost $, CO2 emissions and more. 

An “Energy Efficiency Score” is calculated for each user, department and the overall organisation. These scores make it easy for employees to gauge their improvement. Employees are continuously encouraged to adopt more energy efficient practices via the intranet. Greentrac™ provides management with a vehicle for offering additional incentives and departmental benchmarks to employees to encourage participation.

International language support

International language support

All Greentrac products have full support for internal languages (including double byte languages). Greentrac comes standard with US English, GB English, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian and Korean languages. If you require a different language, please use the contact form and let us know which language you need.

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