Greentrac Ready Pool

Greentrac Ready Pool allows customers to control and manage the availability of PCs in environments with highly dynamic usage requirements. Ready Pool ensures you maximise the availability of shared PCs for users, whilst minimising energy waste and carbon footprint. Ready Pool is designed for environments such as internet kiosks in airport lounges, university computer labs and libraries, POS terminals in supermarkets, or in overflow and disaster recovery sites.

Greentrac Ready Pool offers the perfect solution to automatically power-up and power-down PCs which are defined as belonging to a pool to ensure that your staff or users always have access to the right number of PCs needed at any given time. Greentrac Ready Pool creates a perfect fit, between varying levels of demand over the course of any given day, and the number of PCs that are available to meet that demand.


While many enterprises and service providers are seeking ways to increase the utilisation of shared access PCs, maintaining these PCs in an "always-on state" is not necessarily the best approach. At a simple level, maximising availability minimises the impact on productivity, but it also comes at an opportunity cost, particularly if utilisation is non-uniform.

Power Consumption and Costs

The operational and capital costs for larger shared access PC pools can be significant. The energy efficiency and power consumption of PC fleets is in strong focus in the enterprise where a dedicated/one-to-one model between users and PCs is common, and it is natural that these concerns also extend into the shared access space. Being able to measure power consumption is a fundamental requirement, and being able to correlate consumption against utilisation is increasingly important.

Environmental Impacts

Many enterprises are required to report on the environmental impacts of their ICT estates, and are looking for ways to minimise these impacts. Environmental impacts are not only about the CO2 footprint associated with power consumption, but also the impacts of manufacturing and logistics, and recovery of PCs. For enterprises and service/access providers with a ‘green’ mandate, there is a requirement to consider environmental impacts in the shared access infrastructure.

Client Computing Architecture and Provisioning

While most shared access PCs are indeed ‘traditional PCs’, there are viable technical alternatives for the way in which shared access PCs are provisioned, but making informed choices based on empirical evidence about utilisation patterns and workloads is critical. Additionally, understanding longer-term trends in access patterns is important when planning PC fleet refurbishment, reallocation and renewal, and in expansion or contraction in the PC fleet in response to demand.

International language support

All Greentrac products have full support for internal languages (including double byte languages). Greentrac comes standard with US English, GB English, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian and Korean languages. If you require a different language, please use the contact form and let us know which language you need.

System Compatability

Other Products

  • Enterprise Commander

  • Product Requirements

    On-Premises Environment

  • VMWare ESXi 4.1 and above

  • On-Premises Hardware

  • 100GB Disk (recommended)
  • 2 CPUs
  • 4GB Ram

  • Platform

  • Greentrac Essentials

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