Dossier for Enterprise Print

Dossier for Enterprise Print provides combined asset and utilization intelligence for enterprise printer fleets through an organisation wide, real time, continuously updated usage database for printers and printing activity. Specifically designed to assist ICT service delivery and facilities business units to gain a far better understanding  of the dimensions and nature for large and small distributed printer fleets, and how local, workgroup and enterprise printing is actually used in the organisation.

Active Directory Integration

Active Directory Integration

Microsoft Active Directory integration provides the ability in Dossier for Enterprise Print to identify which users in the organisation are using print facilities, removing the need to separately manage a database of users or the need for alternative account methods. Data about users printing habits is also rolled up into AD Groups so that printing can be tracked on a per department level.

Printer Discovery

Printer Discovery

Maxamise printer coverage across the orgonisation with Endpoint (Local Printers), Print Server (Network Printers) or Active Directory (AD Published Printers) based printer discovery and monitoring to create a continuously updated printer asset inventory for virtual, local, shared and networked printers.

Aggregated Output

Aggregated Output

Full aggregation of print output and utilisation metrics from across the printer fleet by dimensions such as user, user group, endpoint, logical or geographic location, printer type, manufacturer and model and output volume.

Out-of-the-box Reporting

Out-of-the-box Reporting

Inbuilt reporting to support identification of most used and least used printer facilities and alerting for notification of error conditions and usage threshold conditions

System Compatability

Client Software

  • Microsoft Windows Printer Drivers

  • On-Premises Environment

  • Microsoft Windows Server Printer Drivers

  • Product Requirements

    On-Demand (Cloud)

  • Internet Access

  • Platform

  • Enterprise Commander (Free)

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