DID and extension number management

One of the most time consuming tasks in managing your Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business infrastructure is keeping track of your Direct-In-Dial (DID) and Extension (EXT) number ranges. Neither Lync nor Skype for Business provide an easy method for doing this, and when there are multiple administrators in your UC operations team, it becomes very easy to lose track of these allocations. This leads most organisations to using cumbersome and inflexible spreadsheets.

Introducing Provisioning: Range Manager, or Range Manager for short. Range Manager does away with all those awkward spreadsheets and PowerShell scripts, and automatically manages your number ranges for you. This minimizes the time spent managing your number ranges, greatly reducing the risk of allocation mistakes.

Provisioning: Range Manager

Easily manage the entire suite of Polycom desk phones

Polycom has a rich suite of Lync-certified desk phones from the VVX, SoundPoint and SoundStation families that work very well with Lync and Skype for Business. They're nearly infinitely customizable and can suit even the most demanding customer requirements. However, configuring, provisioning and managing these phones has never been easy and requires an FTP expert to make it easy to use.  For maximum configuration ability, you are currently required to create FTP servers while manually managing the phone’s XML files.  A lot of work to deploy the phones…until now.

Event Zero’s Provisioning Polycom module for its UC Commander suite turns that difficult, time-consuming task into a simple, GUI-driven tool that automates the entire process. With this new tool, you can easily create numerous configurations that can be applied at the global, site, group, phone or even individual device level.  You can now easily provide sales users a dedicated button for calling the warehouse, and receptionists several buttons for reaching various teams. Your Paris office needs a picture of the Eiffel Tower on their phone as a reminder of how beautiful the city is, while New York users get one of the Empire State Building and San Francisco gets the Golden Gate bridge. Rolling out new firmware updates can be done globally at the click of a button.

The UCC Provisioning Polycom module is available today, you have to see it to believe it.

Provisioning: Polycom

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