Provisioning: Range Manager

One of the most time consuming tasks in managing your Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business infrastructure is keeping track of your Direct-In-Dial (DID) and Extension (EXT) number ranges. Neither Lync nor Skype for Business provide an easy method for doing this, and when there are multiple administrators in your UC operations team, it becomes very easy to lose track of these allocations. This leads most organisations to using cumbersome and inflexible spreadsheets.

Introducing Provisioning: Range Manager, or Range Manager for short. Range Manager does away with all those awkward spreadsheets and PowerShell scripts, and automatically manages your number ranges for you. This minimizes the time spent managing your number ranges, greatly reducing the risk of allocation mistakes.

Minimise management time

Minimise management time

The only manual integration required for Range Manager is to enter your number ranges and allocate them to a site, after that Range Manager takes care of everything else for you. Range Manager automatically tracks numbers allocated to users by the Lync/Skype for Business Control Panel (or PowerShell) and actively monitors calls made to and from each number over time.

By monitoring each number and the calls made by that number, Range Manager can detect allocated numbers that are never used or have not been used over a period of time. This ultimately allows administrators to quickly identify unused numbers and reallocate them for different purposes without having to spend resources tracking down their currently assigned user or purpose.

Reduced risk

Reduced risk

Range Manager keeps all your DID and EXT number ranges in one place so that your Lync/Skype for Business operations team regardless of their physical location, all work with the same up-to-the-second information at the same time. This greatly reduces the risk of misconfiguration during Lync/Skype for Business user and service provisioning operations.

Orchestration API

Orchestration  API

Range Manager also includes an API for provisioning system orchestration and automation. Calling the API with optional parameters such as site ID, range service tag or allocation status returns the next available number in the matching range and reserves it for 90 minutes so that the same number can’t be given out as a duplicate under heavy provisioning loads. The API is a standard REST API and accessible with a simple application token.

Lync and Skype for Business user provisioning

Range Manager has built in functionality to suport Lync and Skype for Business user provisioning, both from the UI and PowerShell. Single user provisioning from the UI is done with just a few clicks of the mouse, and batch or whole site provisioning can be done with the UC Commander PowerShell module, greatly reducing the time taken to deploy users with Enterprise Voice.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Range Manager seamlessly integrates with other UC Commander based products such as Dossier for Lync Essentials. The tight integration between products enables Lync/Skype for Business administrators to intuitively move between products without having to think about where to find certain information or features. For example you might be looking at a particular DID range, then want to view all allocated numbers, find a number and then see all calls to and from that number – all in one seamless flow.

Informative dashboards

Informative dashboards

Quick access to information such as remaining numbers yet to be allocated in DID ranges or EXT ranges is one of the key aspects to Range Manager. With a single click, Lync and Skype for Business administrators can get an overview of aspects which has Total Allocation Percentage, Free Space in each range, Free Space in each physical site and Underutilised Ranges – all presented in an easy to read and understand format that minimises the management overhead and reporting for your number ranges.

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