Greentrac PC Fleet Energy Audit

What is your PC fleet energy consumption? How much energy is your company wasting? Do you know your savings opportunities? How will energy cost increases, carbon taxes and fleet replacements affect your costs and footprint going forward?

The Greentrac PC Fleet Energy Audit is a comprehensive, fact-based audit of the energy consumption, cost, carbon footprint, waste and savings opportunities associated with the PC fleet including per-user profiles. There is currently no comparable audit product available in the market. The audit will provide an insightful viewinto the PC fleet, built using a bottom up analysis of all PCs, monitors, andoptionally, all network printers. The audit will also provide high-level projections of expected changes to power consumption and energy costs going forward two years.


  • Methodology

    The toolkit consists of two components:

    • Self-contained Greentrac appliance, which is deployed on your network (or available as a hosted cloud service).
    • A very small monitoring agent, which is deployed through your current, existing software-deployment processes.
  • Highly Accurate Reporting

    The agent monitors the utilisation of key PC components and reports back to the Greentrac appliance which is able to calculate the energy used by the PC (Watts).

    The impact of the agent on PC CPU usage and the network is negligible.

  • Complex Power Tariff Support

    The Greentrac appliance calculates the cost ($) of the energy used based on the time-of-use tariff using your actual energy bills (by location). Tariffs can be customised to suit your organisation.

  • Environmental Footprint

    The Greentrac appliance calculates the environmental footprint (kg CO2) of the energy used based on your actual utility tariff carbon intensity (including any green energy purchases) in each location, or using Greentrac's library of carbon emission ratios.

  • User Granularity

    Greentrac's reporting granularity extends beyond a per PC asset and is able to calculate the energy used by staff/departments even if staff members each have multiple PCs. Greentrac is also able to allocate energy used by staff on shared workstations.



In just seven days a Greentrac energy audit will tell you

  • the exact size and location of your active PC fleet;
  • the composition of the PC fleet and monitors;
  • the number of users in each location;
  • the current energy cost of running your PC fleet;
  • how much of your fleet is idle, when it is idle and what this costs;
  • your carbon footprint and your potential reduction opportunity;
  • the profile of computer usage and sharing;
  • the number of PCs that are turned off at night;
  • which PCs suffer from insomnia;
  • your print volumes;
  • how your organisation compares against other benchmarks;
  • whether you conform to the federal government Green ICT guidelines (or your own internal guidelines).

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