Worlds first Twitter to Lync IM Bridge!

Date : 22-Jan-14

What do you get when Twitter and Lync have a baby together?

Nothing because they are not alive and can't have a baby, but if they could you might get Twync!

That's right, Twync is a Twitter to Lync IM bridge. That means you can receive tweets from Twitter in the form of an instant message (or we like to call them a "twynki") in your Lync client application. Twync uses a technology built into Microsoft Lync called "federation" to send and receive messages to you over the internet and when you tell Twync what Twitter accounts you would like to follow it follows those accounts on your behalf and then forwards any new messages to you.

Twync works with all client types including, Lync 2010, Lync 2013 and Lync Mac. You can also receive your Twync's on the go from your mobile Lync clients on Lync iPhone, Lync Android and of course Lync Windows Phone.

Twync beta is on-line now and ready to send you "twynki's", just follow this link to instructions on how to use Twync on your client.

System Compatability

Client Software

  • Lync for Android
  • Lync for iPhone
  • Lync for OSX
  • Lync for Windows Mobile
  • Lync for WindowsRT
  • Windows Lync Client 2010
  • Windows Lync Client 2013

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