UDM Moniotoring

UDM Pro provides a great tool set for the provisioning and managing your IP phones. However, some times more understanding of your devices status is required. With UDM Monitoring it makes the task of monitoring your conference room, common area and essential devices easy. No more being caught out at the last minute with non-operational devices.

Ensuring the availability of your business critical devices such as Polycom Trios and other conference room phones can be a challenge. Your users unplug cables, log devices out or for some reason the devices just stop working.

With UDM monitoring you can receive email alerts for either the device going offline or the device logging out or becoming unregistered for some other reason. You can set the time a device has to be unavailable before the alert is sent along with any number of email addresses to send the alert to.

UDM Monitoring uses the powerful Tags in UDM Pro to enable you to setup the rules for alerting. You can setup the alert rules for multiple Tags allowing granular alerting to the correct support group for the devices that have issues.

Easy email alerts

Simply enter your email address or distribution groups, you can address using To:, CC: or BCC: fields so the right people are alerted.

Proactive Monitoring

With UDM Pro Monitoring your selected devices can be actively checked for their status, are the devices online and what their logged in status is.

Monitor Essential Devices

By using UDM Pro Tags only the devices that need to be monitored alert you, reducing unecessary noise.

Affordable Add-On

You only pay for the devices you want to monitor. So for large deployments you subscribe to the band that fits your requirements.

Want to see Monitoring in action?

Try Monitoring along with UDM Pro, Enoten's premier device provisioning platform in your production environment, simply by starting your own web-based trial.

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