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November 14 2016
Server Release Version and Connector Release Version 5.0.982 Available for Immediate Download
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Server Version and Connector Release 5.0.982 Available for Immediate Download

EventZero is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the General Availability release of the newest version of the UC Commander server,  and the associated Connector version 5.0.982 .
Release Notes are available for both the Server and the Connector fixes, updates and enhancements:

Important! This release is a slight departure from our past releases. Inclusive in Server 5.29 and Connector 982 is the release items for 5.28 and connector 979. Due to some internal process changes, these releases ran together and were tested together and deemed ready for an inclusive release.


https://eventzero.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PRN/Version+ https://eventzero.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PRN/Version+


https://eventzero.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PRN/Version+5.0.982 https://eventzero.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PRN/Version+5.0.979

The Server and Connector distribution location: 


The latest and most current released versions of UC Commander and the Connector can always be reached at the URL https://update.eventzero.net/EnterpriseCommander/GA/latest/

IMPORTANT! : The UC Commander software and connector are designed to be upgraded at the same time. There may be fixes in the connector that rely on fixes in the server. Similarily, fixes in the server may rely on fixes in the connector to operate or display data correctly. 

When reporting an issue to our Support Team, best effort support to resolve a problem is always attempted. If all attempts to resolve an issue indicate that the issue is due to the latest connector not being installed, Support will assist with updating your connectors. Knowing that Change Control in many companies is a vital step in software lifecycle management, Support can also suspend your Support Ticket until your internal teams are able to update the connectors.

For clarity on our Support Statement in relation to UC Commander and Connector versions


August 24 2016
Server Release Version and Connector Release Version 5.0.967 Available for Immediate Download
Related to: UC Commander

Server Version and Connector Release 5.0.967 Available for Immediate Download

EventZero is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the General Availability release of the newest version of the UC Commander server,  and the associated Connector version 5.0.967 .
Release Notes are available for both the Server and the Connector fixes, updates and enhancements:
Server - https://eventzero.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PRN/Version+
Connector -  https://eventzero.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PRN/Version+5.0.967

The Server and Connector distribution location: 
Server - https://update.eventzero.net/EnterpriseCommander/GA/
Connector - https://update.eventzero.net/EnterpriseCommander/GA/

The latest and most current released versions of UC Commander and the Connector can always be reached at the URL https://update.eventzero.net/EnterpriseCommander/GA/latest/

IMPORTANT! : The UC Commander software and connector are designed to be upgraded at the same time. There may be fixes in the connector that rely on fixes in the server. Similarily, fixes in the server may rely on fixes in the connector to operate or display data correctly. 

When reporting an issue to our Support Team, best effort support to resolve a problem is always attempted. If all attempts to resolve an issue indicate that the issue is due to the latest connector not being installed, Support will assist with updating your connectors. Knowing that Change Control in many companies is a vital step in software lifecycle management, Support can also suspend your Support Ticket until your internal teams are able to update the connectors.

For clarity on our Support Statement in relation to UC Commander and Connector versions


July 15 2016
Server Version and Connector Release 5.0.955 Available for Immediate Download

Server Version and Connector Release 5.0.955 Available for Immediate Download
EventZero is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the General Availability release of the newest version of the UC Commander server, and the associated Connector version 5.0.955.
Release Notes are available for both the Server and the Connector fixes, updates and enhancements:
Server - https://eventzero.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PRN/Version+
Connector - https://eventzero.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PRN/Version+5.0.955
The Server and Connector distribution location: 
Server - https://update.eventzero.net/EnterpriseCommander/GA/
Connector - https://update.eventzero.net/EnterpriseCommander/GA/

NOTE! : Due to a regression error caught during Event Zero's testing processes prior to a software server and connector release, an issue was found with the Server version 5.24. Due to the nature of the error, the decision was made to not release that build. This version, 5.25 includes all updates, enhancements, and changes that were also in Server version 5.24. The same is true for the associated connector version .954 (not released) and all updates and changes are included in connector version 955.

June 28 2016
Server Version and Connector Release 5.0.953 Available for Immediate Download
Related to: UC Commander

EventZero is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the General Availability release of the newest version of the UC Commander server, and the associated Connector version 5.0.953.
Release Notes are available for both the Server and the Connector fixes, updates and enhancements: 
Server - https://eventzero.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PRN/Version+
Connector - https://eventzero.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PRN/Version+5.0.953
The Server and Connector distribution location: 
Server - https://update.eventzero.net/EnterpriseCommander/GA/
Connector - https://update.eventzero.net/EnterpriseCommander/GA/

May 10 2016
PowerShell module v1.6.00.0 now available

Version of the Event Zero PowerShell module was released today to all customers, and is available for download on the Download Tools page.

More than a dozen issues were remediated. A complete list of what is included in this release is available in the Release Notes page for this version.

This new release also includes the following new cmdlets:

  1. New-UccSubnet. This cmdlet assumes the functionality of the deprecated New-UccSubnetAssignment. It allows for the creation of a new subnet.
  2. Set-UccSubnet. This cmdlet allows for the changing of the configuration of an existing subnet, including changing associated site (like the now deprecated Remove-UccSubnetAssignment) and setting Wifi and/or VPN flags.
  3. Remove-UccSubnet. This cmdlet allows for the removal of an existing subnet. Any existing association to a site is also removed.

October 13 2015
Server Release and Connector 5.0.866 now available

Released this past weekend to all cloud tenants and is available for download for our on-premises based customers.

This new release includes the following new features:

  • Connector replication status page
  • Configurable interval time for chart data
  • "Running Reports" tab
  • Improved Polycom Speed Dial UI
  • Other Polycom UI improvements
  • Various bug fixes

Be advised that we have modified the Polycom provisioning XML structure in such a way as to require that provisioning bridges be upgraded to 5.0.866 to ensure proper functionality. 

September 29 2015
Server Release and Connector 5.0.853 now available

Released this past weekend to all cloud tenants and is available for download for our on-premises based customers.

This new release includes the following new features:

  • Polycom Speed Dial configuration
  • Quality by Device powerlist available for scheduled emailing
  • New tab on Reports page shows currently scheduled reports
  • Server version appears as footer on all pages
  • Powerlist filter load optimization speeds up Powerlist filtering
  • Faster real-time processing

Bug fixes:

  • Opening new tab for some pages incorrectly shows unauthorized message
  • Call volume chart on home page never finishes loading
  • Conference summary report sends as HTML no matter which format is selected
  • Provisioned phones may not respond to provisioning server when connector is offline for extended period

September 17 2015
Speed Dial Configs Coming Soon to Provisioning: Polycom!
Related to: Provisioning: Polycom

Does your company use the speed dial feature for Polycom phones?  If so, you're probably aware of the challenges associated with implementing this feature. It's not part of the normal config.xml files that control most of the other phone features and was never designed to be centrally manageable....until now! 

Admins will soon be able to easily create speed dial templates within UC Commander's Provisioning: Polycom tool that can be applied the same way as any current config block is today.  Admins will be able to apply any speed dial template to a given endpoint, group of endpoints, a site, or even to the entire company.   This means that every phone used can be setup to speed dial any number with only a few click of the mouse….easy!

This is simple to set up, easy to maintain, and best of all, it’ll save every user time and headache when trying to find that pesky IT Support Number.  This new feature will be available very soon to all Provisioning: Polycom customers!

September 08 2015
There is a new feature coming to UCC Managers called “Quality Ratio”
Related to: Dossier: Managers

Over the last several months we have been working with a number of key customers to find a better and more reliable way of tracking call quality trends. For a long time UCC has been tracking call quality averages in a number of different reports and dashboards - the issue with using call quality averages is that statistically the number of poor quality calls is insignificant (Well at least in all cases we found. You would have a very bad implementation of Lync if it wasn’t).

It’s possible to have call quality issues that are not revealed by averages. For example if your quality average is 95%, that could represent 100 calls at 100% quality and 10 calls at 50% quality. So looking at the average of 95% it would seem everything is ok, however 10% of your calls are in fact very poor quality. Reporting everything is fine would be a mistake.

The new call quality ratio uses the ratio of measured good quality calls to the total number of calls reporting to have quality measured (which is not the same as all calls – don’t be fooled) as a percentage. This ratio reveals the more information about just how many calls are poor and gives management a far better understanding of quality than before.

Over the coming months, we will be integrating this quality ratio formula into other reports and dashboards that display quality as well.

User Comments

Comment from: Rob GuthOn 10-Sep-15Excellent improvement. This allows us to better understand the end user experience.

September 03 2015
New Version Released!

A new version of UC Commander has been released (v.  Cloud tenants have this version already.  If you're running the on-premises version of UC Commander, you will want to upgrade to the latest version. Connectors should be upgraded to the latest version as well (5.0.842).  Some of the new features include:

  • Lower connector resource utilization
  • Numerous connector page improvements, including option to upgrade multiple connectors at a time
  • V.card shows when hovering over users/sites/etc
  • Page title now shows in browser history
  • Numerous bugfixes and new reports

July 22 2015
Automation of Event Zero's UC Commander just got easier!

The new Event Zero PowerShell module is now available! After considerable effort, we are making this available. Among the changes are:

The installer is now signed
You no longer get the security prompt about an unknown publisher when installing the module. The installer and related files are signed with our code signing certificate.

Module renamed
The module is now called UCCommander, to align with current branding.

Cmdlets renamed
All cmdlets have been renamed to reflect current branding and PowerShell naming best practices. All verbs now meet the approved verb list (available in PowerShell by running Get-Verb). All nouns now begin with "Ucc" to identify they are UC Commander commands. Rest assured, though, that legacy cmdlet names are still supported via aliases. So, Connect-DossierServer will still work, as it's an alias for Connect-UccServer.

Pipeline support and objects
Most Get cmdlets return objects now, instead of the previous string blobs. This makes it easier to use pipelining in PowerShell. Organizations that automate onboarding and offboarding of users will find it easier to extend that into UC Commander for tasks like DID reservations, etc.

Parameter validation
Many parameters now include validation to ensure the correct information is supplied, in the correct format. Examples are time zones, latitude and longitude coordinates, regions, etc.

Force parameter changed to Confirm
Previously, -force was used to have a cmdlet take action without prompting for confirmation. This has been changed to the more widely used -confirm. Simply use -confirm $false to skip any expected prompts.

Name parameter renamed to Identity for Set and Get cmdlets
This more closely mimics other modules.

Suppressed output for some cmdlets
New- and Set- cmdlets now do not show any output unless there is an error. This more closely mimics other modules.

First mandatory parameter now does not require parameter name be specified
When a parameter, such as identity is required, it can be specified without explicitly naming the parameter. For example, Get-UccSite Fiji, instead of Get-UccSite -Identity Fiji.

Full help available via Get-Help
Complete help, including syntax, description, and examples, is available by running Get-Help <cmdlet>, such as Get-Help Get-UccSite.

Bug fixes
Various issues submitted by staff and customers have been addressed.

Connect-UccServer (formerly Connect-DossierServer) defaults to https if https/http is not supplied
When specifying the UC Commander environment to connect to, the cmdlet will use https if just an FQDN is supplied.

Get-UccSite (formerly Get-DossierSite) now returns more data
More data is now returned when using this cmdlet, to better match what's visible in the web interface. This includes notes, QoE Threshold, Time Threshold, and e911 filters.

Online documentation
Completely new online documentation has been created for the module, and each cmdlet. The cmdlet related pages now more closely resemble Microsoft TechNet pages in formatting and information. Online documentation is now also available via Get-Help. For example, Get-Help Get-UccSite -Online, which will take you to the site for that particular cmdlet. Documentation is available at https://eventzero.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PS/.

Download module
 You can download the new module at https://www.eventzero.com/Download/?view=Tools.

Installation caveat
Before installing this new version, please uninstall the previous version via Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

What's Ahead?
There's still more work to do. LOTS of new cmdlets are coming. We'll see cmdlets around connector configuration, user configuration, advanced subnet configuration, and more. You'll also soon start to see example scripts to help with automation of your Event Zero environments.

Comments, suggestions, and requests
If you have comments or requests, please feel free to comment here, or email powershell@eventzero.com.

July 13 2015
See us @ Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference

The Event Zero team will be at the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference this week - 13th to the 16th of July in Orlando Florida.

If you are at the event, please stop by the Polycom booth in the exhibit hall to say hello.  You can see first-hand how Event Zero will improve your company’s interaction with Lync, Skype for Business and the Polycom opportunities.


July 03 2015
Invitation to a joint event with Polycom & Event Zero

UC Commander and its latest features

9th July 2015 15:00-17:00 at Polycom Executive Experience Centre,

Dashwood House 16th Floor, 69 Old Broad Street, London, EC2M 1QS

With Event Zero’s UC Commander suite now available to Provision your Polycom IP phones (VVX, SoundStation and SoundPoint) we are pleased to announce a demonstration of the power of UC Commander.

During the session we will show you how Event Zero have reimagined the provisioning of Polycom IP phones making it quicker, simpler and more flexible to get Polycom devices up and running. Once they are up running, UC Commander then aids in the day to day operation with indispensable tools and reports.

It will also be an opportunity not only to see the Dossier reporting tools but also the new operations products in the UC Commander suite: Operations: Key Health Indicator (KHI) – allows you to gather Microsoft’s key performance counter data and receive alerts and view performance of your systems in real-time. No more time consuming manually gathering data and loading into spreadsheets. 

Operations: Monitoring - allows you to test the availability and quality of the connections in your network. Testing both person to person (P2P), conferencing and Response Groups automatically. Please join us for the session and there will also be an opportunity to chat informally over drinks afterward if you are available.

To register please email: UCCPolycom@eventzero.com with your contact details by Tuesday 7th July. Numbers are limited so please register as soon as possible.

July 03 2015
UC Commander Manager v2.0 Released
Related to: UC Commander

Great news for companies who use the on-premises version of UC Commander:  the UC Commander Manager has been completely re-written from the ground up to be easier to use than ever before. 

  • If installing on a new server, the UCC Manager clearly shows which prerequisites are required as well as an automated way to install them (where available).
  • Database creation is also now fully automated. Instead of manually configuring SQL databases, schemas and SQL users, all can be done from within UCC Manager with the click of a button.  
  • The upgrade process is now more streamlined with automated notifications of available server updates

With this major update, its even easier to keep on-premises UC Commander installations up-to-date with all the latest features Event Zero has to offer. For a closer look at how easy it is to install UC Commander on-premises, watch this video...


June 15 2015
In-Call Quality Metrics with Skype for Business & UC Commander
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

The introduction of Skype for Business brought with it a small, little publicized feature called "in-call QoE reporting".  Prior to Skype for Business, call quality metrics were gathered by Lync endpoints during the call and sent to the monitoring database at the end of the call. There was no way for a monitoring solution to capture this data while a call was active. For most call monitoring solutions (including Lync Monitoring Reports) this wasn't a problem, since most solutions weren't able to see calls as they were occurring. However, UC Commander's real-time call reporting made this omission glaringly obvious.

Now that Skype for Business is able to show call quality data in real-time, UC Commander is able to immediately make great use of this feature. Now, when looking at an active call, UC Commander provides two ways to see QoE metrics:

  • the Call data tab, where you can see the same information normally only available once the call is completed
  • the new In-call quality tab, where you can see how call quality data changed during the entire call

This new feature requires both Skype for Business on the back-end, and the Office 2016 (Wave 16) Skype for Business client. 

June 04 2015
Rate-My-Call Analytics Now in UC Commander
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Rate-My-Call is a new feature in the Skype for Business client that gives users the ability to provide feedback on the call they just completed. Feedback is in the form of a 1-5 star rating, with checkboxes for common issues encountered on the call. Custom feedback can also be added, if enabled by administrators.


UC Commander now captures and displays analytics about feedback received via Rate-My-Call. Administrators can see details about how calls are rated, and view statistics at various levels (site, worst rating etc). This provides valuable method to directly gauge user sentiment about how Skype for Business is performing.


To see the new Feedback charts and tables from within UC Commander, click on Enterprise Voice - Quality - Feedback.


May 22 2015
Provisioning Polycom Phones with UC Commander

If you have Polycom VVX phones, then you are probably very aware of the limitations of the available FTP and XML based solution provided by Polycom.  Provisioning: Polycom, the latest product in the UC Commander suite, re-imagines the provisioning process and turns it into an extremely flexible, scalable and powerful solution.  Watch the video below for an overview...


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May 11 2015
V5 a huge hit at MS Ignite in Chicago
Related to: Provisioning: Polycom

On May 5, 2015 (5-5-15), we released version 5.0 of what we are now calling "UC Commander" or UCC for short. The rename is due to the release of Skype for Business, which made naming our product "Dossier for Skype for Business" unwieldly to say the least. UC Commander is the name of the entire suite, and Dossier remains the name of the Lync/Skype for Business analytics product grouping.

We didn't just change the name, we've also changed the entire look and feel of the product suite to align with Skype for Business. Tabs are grouped together underneath a product banner to make finding things easier. We've moved the admin options underneath a "gear" icon to further declutter the interface.

The biggest news is the addition of several new features. Provisioning: Polycom is a new offering that allows administrators to easily provision and manage Polycom's entire suite of VVX and SoundPoint phones. It was so popular at Ignite, that at several points, the Polycom booth looked more like an Event Zero booth with UC Commander showing on all their screens. People came by specifically to see Provisioning: Polycom in action.

If you're interest in trying out or buying Provisioning: Polycom or any other part of the new UC Commander suite, contact us for details.


April 23 2015
Event Zero hosting the April Calgary UC Users Group Meeting

If you're in Calgary on April 23rd, come to Enerplus to get a sneak peek at the latest version of Event Zero's Dossier. Event Zero's President of Canadian Operations, Ken Lasko will be demonstrating the improved look and feel, and will take users through a detailed tour of the product. Included in this session is a look at the new Polycom Provisioning UI, which will save administrators hours of time when provisioning Polycom's VVX series of phones. We will also be giving users an early look at Dossier's new performance metrics monitoring tool called KHI (for Key Health indicators). This tool will help administrators ensure their Lync and Skype for Business server infrastructure is functioning properly.

There will be food, beverages and product giveaways, and promises to be a good and informative time for all involved.

April 21 2015
Dossier’s Call Expert becomes KHI aware!
Related to: Operations: KHI

Dossier’s Call Expert is a feature of Dossier: Enterprise Voice that uses a built-in knowledge engine to provide a summarized list of issues that can impact individual calls. Call Expert looks deep into individual and neighbouring call data to create the best possible understanding of the environment surrounding the call. Call Expert presents this information in an easily digestible manner that helps administrators quickly zero in on factors that can affect call quality.

Call Expert now goes even deeper by merging call data with server-side performance metrics (known as KHIs - Key Health Indicators) to create the ultimate understanding of Lync and Skype for Business calls. Data from the new V5 product Operations: KHI contributes to the Call Expert knowledge engine to correlate server-side KHI metrics, providing absolutely unparalleled insights down to the individual call.

The new Call Expert will be available at the release of Version 5 on May 5th, 2015.

March 06 2015
Join us at Ignite 2015

The Event Zero and UCA Ignite 2015 Party

Join the Event Zero team and The UC Architects at our Ignite 2015 party on May 4th. To receive your exclusive invite to the UC party of the year simply visit https://www.eventzero.com/ignite/ and fill out your details. Places are limited so be quick.

Some notes from last years party:


Last year it was like the who's who of the Lync #ucoms world and we could all just mingle and chat. No loud music... no flashing lights... plenty of drinks.... and fun party games. It was by far my favorite party.

December 08 2014
Dossier for Lync gains environmental awareness
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

No…. Dossier for Lync hasn’t turned into a tree hugger, but it does now know what’s going on in your Lync environment when a call was made. Why is that important I hear you say?

Well that’s easy: the majority of call quality issues with Lync voice calls are caused by external influences such as network traffic congestion, network errors or faulty devices. Looking at an individual call in isolation, trying to diagnose quality issues without knowing how the rest of the environment has influenced that call often does not yield the best results.

This week Dossier for Lync gets a new feature called “Enviro Sense”. The new feature enabled Lync administrators and operations staff to not just see what else was or is happening in the Lync environment while looking at a single call. When drilled down into a call Dossier will look at all of the relevant Lync components to that call and highlight visually and in plain English with “Call Expert” any other factors that may have influenced the quality of the call. This new capability can save hours of trawling through call and network logs, highlighting aspects of a call that warrant further and more detailed investigation and suppressing those that don’t.

Enviro Sense is included in Version 4.1.0 scheduled for release this Thursday.

December 01 2014
Sometimes SCOM just isn't enough information
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

In IT management, you can never have too much information. Even with advanced tools like Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager, you just sometimes need more relevant data beyond the standard monitoring metrics and this is especially true when it comes to Lync.

This week Dossier for Lync Enterprise Voice and Dossier for Lync Conferences gain new capabilities to monitor components of the Lync topology in real-time. Both of these tools now show activity such as CPU, Memory and Network along with detailed call data like call volume and call quality information, all in a single view for Front End Pools, Front End Servers, Gateways, Edge Pools and Edge Servers. Administrators can now for the first time see at a glance, the true health of their Lync environment and drill down to a single call: all in the one application.

These new features are being rolled out to cloud customers this week and on-prem customers the follow week.

October 17 2014
Lync help desk staff get a productivity boost from Dossier Service Manager
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Lync helpdesk staff get a productivity boost from Dossier Service Manager

Almost every Lync administrator will agree: there is a distinct lack of tooling for help desk staff who look after Lync environments. Well those days are now over, introducing Dossier Service Manager (DSM). DSM is a free new add-on to Dossier for Lync Enterprise Voice specifically designed to increase the efficiency and responsiveness of help desk staff in large environments.

DSM gives help desk staff a new dedicated interface within the Dossier for Lync product suite that provides a simple interface to several common and simple cases they handle on a regular basis. For example, when logged into Dossier simply press Alt+S and you are immediately shown the SDM home page. SDM provides immediate feedback while users type in the search box whatever they are searching for such as a username, phone number or site. When you have the item you want simply hit enter and a one page overview of the subject is displayed, along with links to all of the detailed information for further analysis. Nothing could be simpler.

And SDM is fast! So fast that in a real world deployment with more than 120,000 users, it takes just 7 seconds to find a user, see their last 5 calls, select a call and drill down into the detailed call diagnostics. Try that with Lync’s built in reporting tools.

SDM will be available in this Monday’s release and is free for all customers.

October 15 2014
3 New ways to get conference reports
Related to: Dossier: Conferences

How often do you receive calls asking for information about conference calls? Perhaps an executive asking for an explanation of why they couldn’t hear one of the participants in an important conference call, or maybe the HR director who wants to confirm who the participants were in a training session? I’m sure you’ll agree, these requests are common and increasing in frequency as organisations endeavour to spend less resources on travel and more time in virtual conferences.

Answering these types of queries for Lync AV conferences has in the past been an extremely time consuming exercise – not anymore! Dossier for Lync Conferences now has 3 ways to send conference summary reports to users; Help desk send, Dial-a-report, and Automated send.

Help desk send is a new feature that enables support staff to find and e-mail out detailed summary reports with just a few clicks of the mouse and typing the organisers name. Dial-a-report uses a pilot number from a work flow or any other number to trigger an e-mail to be automatically sent to the person who dialled the number for the last conference they organised. Our users can be automatically e-mailed a report at the end of their conference just by being a member of an Active Directory group.

All of these features are available in Dossier for Lync Conferences today. And watch for these new methods coming soon – Report from IM request and Report from PowerShell.

August 26 2014
Australia partner conference 2014 drinks

Any Lync people going to the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference 2014 on the Gold Coast, meet us for drinks on Wednesday night after the hub event at Moo Moo's - 7pm. Come along, say hello and stay for drinks.

August 20 2014
The Event Zero IM Broadcaster is here - now

Have you ever wanted to send a simple Lync IM out to a large group of people without breaking a sweat? Suppose your Exchange servers went down and they are going to take some time to fix, or imagine there is a Tsunami headed to your part of the world (ok well not a good or likely example, but you get my point), well now there is a simple and easy way to send IM’s to large groups of people within your organisation. Welcome the “Event Zero IM Broadcaster”.

Using the Event Zero IM Broadcaster, you can easily send an IM with customised content to a small group of people or your entire company (but we don’t suggest you do that without good reason as you might not have a job at the end of the broadcast). All you need to do is install the broadcast tool, connect it to your Lync environment as a user (best to use a dedicated account), select the Active Directory group you wish to send to, and press go. What could be simpler? You can go grab a coffee (or run for higher ground) while the broadcast is sending out.

And guess what the best thing about this tool is – it’s FREE. That’s right, totally free. And you can get it right now from the downloads section of the Event Zero web site.

User Comments

Comment from: David TuckerOn 09-Dec-14The link should be fixed now.
Comment from: ross worthOn 02-Dec-14The download does not appear to be available

August 05 2014
Dossier for Lync V4 tenant deployment completed

Our latest version of the Dossier for Lync product range - 4.0 was released last week. We have already received an amazing response from our early adopter customers who have completed the update to Version 4.0. In particular the live call and conference dashboards, and information displays have been a hot topic of discussion across the board.

Some of the other great new features include:

  • redesigned user interface for improved productivity;
  • access anywhere from any device capabilities;
  • real time data to shorten incident response times ;
  • new reporting behaviour making reports easier to schedule;
  • hundreds of new powerlists covering more of Lync than ever before;
  • improved user experience with much faster interface response times;

 and much more!

All customers using Dossier for Lync cloud solutions have now been upgraded to Version 4.0, and on premises access to version 4.0 will be available later this week.

If you’re not already using Dossier for Lync and would like to try it out live in your environment with your data: simply visit www.lyncanalytics.info, follow the prompts at the bottom of the page and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

June 26 2014
Name changes to Dossier products

With the upcoming release of Dossier Version 4, some of the Dossier products are being repositioned  and renamed to more closely align to their function and usage. These changes include what in previous releases was called Dossier for Lync Essentials, is now renamed to Dossier for Lync Enterprise Voice. Dossier for Lync Enterprise Voice has all the great features that we know and love from previous releases, but is now completely refreshed as a HTML5 responsive single page application. It’s also faster and more intuitive than ever before.

Along with the Version 4 release, there will also be a new product called Dossier for Lync Managers. This new product is targeted at being “The essential tool for Microsoft Lync”. It’s capabilities and features are focused on Executive and Management reporting and analytics for Lync. With easy to understand and simple to read Executive views and reports dedicated to Management and Exec teams, Dossier for Lync Managers will truly be the “essential” tool. And best of all – at the time of release, it’s completely unrestricted and free!

May 05 2014
Near real-time call data is not good enough for Dossier
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Since its inception, Dossier for Lync has always been about giving Lync administrators, operations and management the most up-to-date data available for their Lync environment. Dossier does this by replicating call records from the Lync call database as soon as Lync monitoring server creates them at the completion of a voice or video call. Call data is usually available in Dossier within 10—20 seconds of the call being completed – we call this “near real-time”.

Here at Event Zero, near real-time is not good enough for us. Dossier Version 3.5 shatters the near real-time barrier, with the capability to show call records within 250ms! And not just calls that have completed, but calls in progress. Yes that’s right, Dossier can now show calls while they are in progress.

Dossier picks up initial call data as a call is placed, and adds to the data for each call as it progresses and finally completes, giving the most up-to-date views of Lync possible.

User Comments

Comment from: Kevin KiellerOn 01-Jul-14How do you gather the real-time data from Lync? The new SDN API similar to what Nectar does or some other mechanism? Do I need to install anything on my Lync servers to enable this?

April 30 2014
Secure PII comes to Lync for the first time!

For the first time in world of Lync reporting and analytics comes a product that supports Secure PII mode. Thats right, this week Dossier for Lync Essentials gains a Secure PII mode. What is Secure PII I hear you ask? Well as you probably know PII stands for Personally Identifiable Information, so Secure PII mode means that PII is secure against misuse.

In many jurisdictions around the world,  tough laws and even tougher penalties have been recently introduced to defend against the misuse of Personally Identifiable Information. For example, the European Union Convention on Human Rights and the recent addition of the Data Protection Directive have outlined rules and guidelines which have been subsequently translated into law in several countries such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

When Dossier detects PII data from a server in designated regions, the data is obfuscated and never recorded or transported across borders unprotected. Then when displayed to system administrators or managers the data is shown blanked out with a message saying this content is Secure PII. Dossier still shows call and quality data correctly and analysis tools and reports function completly as normal.

Secure PII mode is available from Thursday to all Dossier for Lync customers. 

April 24 2014
Dossier for Lync Essentials great new call graph feature

The latest version of Dossier for Lync Essentials introduces a great new feature for further reducing the time spent by Lync Operations Teams who are continuously examining call records - Call graph. Call graph is now shown on the bottom of every call details page and graphically shows the relationship between the current call and all calls associated with the current call. 

The image here on the right, shows a caller who called a Response Group workflow, that subsequently tried to connect the call to 3 agents, was picked up by on the agents, transferred with a consult to another person and then finally transferred back to one of the agents. Call graph can show any combination of call chaining through RGS, transfers, team call, simultaneous ring or call forwarding.

Hovering over the call connection lines on the call graph shows basic information about the call such as time, location and quality. Operators can also change focus of the current call to an related call by just clicking the relevant call connection, further reducing the time to examine the entire call flow.

Call flow is available in Version 3.0.21 - out this Thursday.

April 04 2014
PowerShell comes to Range Manager
Related to: Provisioning: Range Manager

Range Manager now has a new set of PowerShell commands that administrators can use for automation of provisioning tasks. There are scripts for finding unused, reserving, and freeing DID’s and EXT’s in the Range Manager database.

Get-RMNumber –Site “London” –ServiceID “UK/LDN/005” –LastUsedDays 60  -ReserveMinutes 10  –DID –EXT
Set-RMReserve –ServiceID “US/NYC/001A” –Number 3237
Remove-RMReservation  –ServiceID “US/NYC/001A” –Number 3237


There are also additional commands for examining allocated and free numbers.

Get-RMAllocation –Identity “Sydney”
Get-RMFreeList –Identity “Boston”
Get-RMUserAllocation –Identity “John Smith”

March 25 2014
The one and only Lync report you'll need for your Management/Exec Teams
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Dossier for Lync Essentials now comes equipped with the preverbal Stanley Knife of Lync reporting for Management and Executive teams.

All you need is this one report to convey the vital stats about your Lync environment. The report includes stats overview, call usage, top calls, conference usage, top conference participants and organizers, call quality metrics and tracking, concurrent call and gateway usage, and connected users and device information. As with all reports in Dossier, the management report can be run adhoc or scheduled to run automatically and send to an e-mail list in PDF, HTML or CSV formats.

You can check out the report today in version 3.0.14 and above.

March 20 2014
Dossier tracks calls between edge pools and sites
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

A great new addition to Dossier for Lync Essentials in Version 3.0.13 are several new power lists and reports for tracking calls stats between Lync Edge Pools and sites where those calls terminate.

The power lists track call quality stats such as Quality Score, MOS, Packet Loss, Jitter and Round Trip time create a complete picture of call performance between perimeter and users at remote sites. Tracking this data can help administrators address network issues local to particular sites and could even provide evidence needed for strategic placement of additional edge pools or moving existing edge pools that may be poorly located.

March 05 2014
Track inter-site call quality with Dossier
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

New to Version 3.0.11 is a power list that tracks voice calls, the volume of calls and their average quality between sites. Administrators can now instantly see the average quality of calls between any 2 sites, and drill down to the call list in one simple action.

This new power list shows a complete matrix of all calls between sites that can also be filtered for a particular site of group of sites. Aditionallythere is also a new widget on the site details page that shows the same data for calls into and off of a particular site.

February 27 2014
Seamless call quality visualisation: global through to individual calls
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

This amazing new dashboard previewed for the first time at last week’s Lync Conference in Las Vegas Nevada is now available in Dossier for Lync Essentials Version 3.0.11. 

The dashboard allows Lync administrators to seamlessly drill down on Lync voice call quality issues from global, regional, country, city and site views right through to individual calls within sites and their associated quality attributes. eliminating hours upon hours of sifting through CDR's to find quality issues.

Each site displayed on the global view is shown as a red and green donut. The larger the red part of the donut, the poorer average quality in that site, and the larger green the better the average call quality for the site. This enables administrators to quickly scour a global view for sites that may have quality issues that require investigation.

Using the dashboard's built-in filter features, the views can be further narrowed down to particular time frames, users, groups or different quality thresholds.

January 30 2014
New conference timeline feature
Related to: Dossier: Conferences

Dossier for Lync Conferences has today gained a great new feature called Conference Timeline. Conference timeline appears on the conference details view and elegantly shows each participant of the conference in a timeline view, along with each of the related modalities for each user and a marker for each modality join and leave. As with other timeline views in other Dossier for Lync tools, operators can zoom in and out of the timeline and move between individual events with ease, potentially saving hours searching through logs to find a user's participation by modality.

Available in release V3.0.9.

January 24 2014
Do you know who you federate with and how often?
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Have you ever wondered how many of your Lync users are actually using federation?

Have you ever tried to work out the volume of federated voice or IM traffic from your Lync environment?

How about of all the organizations you federate with, which one is the top federated domain?

Well look no further - Dossier for Lync Essentials now has full coverage of all your federation reporting needs. Answer all the questions above about Lync federation and much more. Version 3.0.7 and above.

January 22 2014
Worlds first Twitter to Lync IM Bridge!
Related to: Twync

What do you get when Twitter and Lync have a baby together?

Nothing because they are not alive and can't have a baby, but if they could you might get Twync!

That's right, Twync is a Twitter to Lync IM bridge. That means you can receive tweets from Twitter in the form of an instant message (or we like to call them a "twynki") in your Lync client application. Twync uses a technology built into Microsoft Lync called "federation" to send and receive messages to you over the internet and when you tell Twync what Twitter accounts you would like to follow it follows those accounts on your behalf and then forwards any new messages to you.

Twync works with all client types including, Lync 2010, Lync 2013 and Lync Mac. You can also receive your Twync's on the go from your mobile Lync clients on Lync iPhone, Lync Android and of course Lync Windows Phone.

Twync beta is on-line now and ready to send you "twynki's", just follow this link to instructions on how to use Twync on your client.

January 20 2014
Dossier now has features highly accurate concurrent call reporting
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice


Dossier for Lync Essentials (Version 3.0.7) now has new concurrent call reports that feature a highly accurate analysis of simultaneous calls made with Lync peer to peer or enterprise voice. There are concurrent call volume reports can be produced for total voice calls, PTSN calls, edge calls and calls made through individual gateways. As with all reported in the Enterprise Commander framework, reports can be produced ad-hoc or scheduled to e-mail results to any recipients. 


January 13 2014
Range Manager orchestration API
Related to: Provisioning: Range Manager

Range Manager includes an API for provisioning system orchestration and automation. Calling the API with optional parameters such as site ID, range service tag or allocation status returns the next available number in the matching range and reserves it for 90 minutes so that the same number can’t be given out as a duplicate under heavy provisioning loads. The API is a standard REST API and accessible with a simple application token.

December 30 2013
New product - Lync DID and EXT Range Manager

The Christmas holidays have not slowed down the innovation here at Event Zero. We have been working hard on the release of the newest addition to our product line up built specially for Microsoft Lync - Lync DID and EXT Range Manager. The name is quite wordy, so we call it "Range Manager" for short.

Range Manager is a tool designed to help ease the management overhead associated with of your Direct in Dial and Extension number ranges. Managing allocated and unallocated DID's and EXT's when provisioning and retiring users is time consuming and prone to errors especially when your current method of record keeping becomes out of date or has many operators making number assignments. Range Manager solves these problems by automatically keeping track of numbers allocated and free within your ranges, as well as tracking actual calls to and from those numbers so that allocated but unused numbers can be freed up without the risk of orphaning a user from their DID or EXT.

Range Manager is scheduled for release on the 9th of Jan 2014.

December 29 2013
Hardcore Lync Analytics - Lync Conf 2014 Session

If you're attending Lync Conf 2014, why not stop by the Session on Hardcore Lync Analytics presented by Shane Hoey and our own David Tucker?

You already know how to grab a few basic reports from Lync, but have you ever thought about what insights can be revealed by using this data in different ways and more importantly how can we abstract it ?

From simple things like "who is the most active user in our company?" through to "who is your m

ost influential person across your organization?" (you would be surprised how often this isn't the CEO), and even in some cases reveal things like office romances. All this and amazing other insights can be gained by just looking the data Lync produces in different ways. Come along and see what other amazing things you can find out from Lync data.

Troubleshooting with analytics: Network issues can impact session quality, what are your next steps?

Capacity planning with trend analysis: Usage profiles that indicate a better fit for Lync Online

From raw data to management dashboards: Automating with PowerShell

November 09 2013
Dossier Lync tools collect host telemetry data for faster issue resolution
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Lync server performance chartsDossier for Lync products can collect important host telemetry data such as CPU and Memory usage as well as Disk and Network throughput statistics. The data is available on the Enterprise Commander host details page, and enables Lync administrators to correlate issues with their Lync infrastructure to potential issues on individual Lync servers.

Administrators can very quickly and easily see if call quality issues are being influenced by server workload without changing between tools.

The data can be viewed on an individual server, or collated into a single view of a pool or site if multiple standalone servers form a single site. There are also related reports that can detail aspects like total bandwidth usage for a pool or site over a given period of time.

November 08 2013
New call quality dashboards give Lync administrators greater insight to their Lync environments
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Lync call quality dashboardAmong many of the new features in 3.0.0 is a new Voice Quality dashboard. This new dashboard reveals details about voice and video session quality in real time – no waiting for reports to render or wading through hundreds or call session details to find such important information as the percentage of good and poor quality calls, or the quality distribution.

The dashboard also breaks down the statistics for different infrastructure types such as WiFi, VPN and  Wired, as well as showing quality stats for gateway and edge server connected call sessions.

November 08 2013
Call session scenarios reveal important clues about call quality issues
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Call session scenarios reveal important clues about call quality issue

A component of the new call quality dashboard is the scenarios data widget. This new data view gives Microsoft Lync administrators important clues about call quality issues within their Lync environments, saving hours upon hours of trawling through call logs or looking through call detail reports. Scenarios reveal information such as what percentage of calls that came from a WiFi network and left Lync via a gateway were of poor quality.

If you don’t have access to the scenarios data view in your Lync environment you could very well just be wasting your time solving issues that may not exist or looking in completely the wrong place.

October 08 2013
Amazingly cool new app: Outlook Contact Federation Finder
Related to: Outlook Contact Federation Finder

This hot new tool (Outlook Contact Federation Finder) from Event Zero searches your Microsoft Outlook for e-mail addresses. Each new address is then added to a list of e-mail addresses for federation checking. When the tool is completed finding all addresses you can click one button and it will check each and every address to see if it is federation enabled and if so, will add it to your Lync client. The tool will find users internal to your organization as well as external federation capable users.

The tool is quick and simple to use and dramatically speeds up the process of adding your contacts to Lync (both internal and external) and when I say dramatically I mean - wow. It took a little over 10 minutes to add 100+ contacts to the windows 2013 Lync Client saving hours upon hours of work.

This tool is currently experimental so use it wisely and watch this space for the being open sourced in the next few months.

User Comments

Comment from: David TuckerOn 09-Oct-13It reads all the addresses from outlook yes. At the moment it will not handle other input types, but you could add that easily if you know .net.
Comment from: Ross MorleyOn 09-Oct-13This sounds like a very cool app - and I have 4450 contacts to feed into it. Please comment- does the app copy harvest the eail addresses?

October 02 2013
Some great new features in parallel coordinates call analysis tool
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

In the next release of Dossier for Lync Essentials (2.6), the parallel coordinates call flow analisys tool has some great new features to make it even easier and faster to diagnose call issues such as call quality or packet loss.

In this new version when a parallel selection is made to highlight a particular group of calls, other calls are not removed, they are simply faded so as to show how the new selection relates to other calls.

We have also added call jitter as an extra parallel dimension, which helps to visually reviel the relationships of quality, packet loss and jitter.

New to the tool is also the ability to click on a particular call and see a summary of the call's information, as well as a link to qulickly follow through to the comple call details.

September 20 2013
Lync E911 Emergency Alert gets SMS capability
Related to: Operations: E911 Alert

Event Zero's Lync E911 Emergency Alert tool can now send alerts from users calling any emergency service configured in the system to an SMS recipient as well as simultaneously to a desktop alert.

The tool can be configured to send alerts to different recipients depending on the emergency phone number called and the site an emergency call originated from. For example, if an emergency call was made to the 999 emergency service in London, phone operators might be notified with a desktop alert and security staff via an SMS sent to their phones while on patrol.

Lync E911 Emergency Alert can also be configured to use most SMS providers by the use of a plugin so you're not restricted to using a single provider.

September 11 2013
Dossier for Lync products work with OCS, Lync 2010 and Lync 2013
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Event Zero's Dossier for Lync applications work with all versions of Lync including OCS, 2010 and 2013. "Big deal - other products do that as well" - I hear you say..... well that's not all.....

Dossier for Lync products can connect to all versions simultaneously, and not just connect but actually use data from all versions as the same time and combine that data into a single view of an entire Lync deployment.

And why is this useful? Well if you have ever done a 2010 to 2013 upgrade, what did you do with the 2010 data during the migration and even after. Dossier products make historical data migration a think of the past with no data loss, no changes to reporting capabilities, no data migration, and most importantly no headaches!

Think of the hours saved and how happy management will be that you have a continuous and complete view of data.

September 10 2013
Dossier for Lync IM released

Dossier for IM was officially released yesterday and is available for imediate purchase and download. Check out the website for more information -> https://www.eventzero.com/Dossier/DossierforLyncIM/

September 09 2013
Enterprise Commander virtual appliance for XenServer now available
Related to: UC Commander

Enterprise Commander now has a XenServer compatible virtual appliance that can be directly imported into XenServer 6.0 and above with standard tools. Documentation on how to import the Enterprise Commander virtual appliance into XenServer 6.4 is available on the Event Zero documentation wiki.

September 06 2013
Advanced call flow analysis for Microsoft Lync using Dossier for Lync Essentials
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Parallel Coordinates Analysis is a great new feature in the coming release of Dossier for Lync Essentials (#DfLE) that helps Lync administrators visualize and understand where issues may lay in their Lync Enterprise Voice environment. The tool visually shows the components that make up a series of calls and allows the user to select a component or group of components on each of the axis to drill down on the patterns. The graph has separate axes for users, quality, FE servers, gateway servers, mediation servers  and more.

Each axis can be moved and sorted in any order further improving the relevance of the graph to different problems such as Quality of Experience, packet loss or jitter. Each line is also color coded for the time of day from black to yellow (midnight to midday respectively) so that issues can also be visualized for time of day.

Youtube video - check it out : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ahs7qjS8zs

September 04 2013
View Lync call detail information for contacts in Dynamics CRM
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Dossier for Lync Essentials provides simple mechanisms to embed Lync call data into other 3rd party applications such as Dynamics CRM. 

Simple integration techniques such as with Dynamics CRM (shown here) are made possible with API's and simple frame and embedding URL's that allow applications to dynamically link to content without knowing if the content even exists. The use of embedding techniques also makes data completely interactive from within the context of other applications - instantly expanding their capabilities and relevance with Lync Unified Communications.

Access to all aspects of Dossier's Lync data is available - from call history and quality of experience data right through to conversation analytics.

Sample code to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is available free from Event Zero.

August 29 2013
Influence pivot shows the most influential users
Related to: Dossier: IM

The "influence pivot tool" is a great feature in the soon to be released Dossier for Lync IM product from Event Zero. The tool helps Administrators and Human Resource personnel understand who the most influential people are across your organization, or who has the most influence over a particular user.

The tool provides a graphical representation of IM communications by user. Users can be grouped into departments or sites and the tool color codes the lines by either message volume, message direction or conversation initiator. The result is a clear and simple to interpret view of the influences for a user.

August 26 2013
Detailed statistical analysis from Dossier for Lync IM
Related to: Dossier: IM

One of the great new features in the up coming release of Dossier for Lync IM (DfLIM) is the detailed statistical analysis that it provides for IM traffic in your Lync infrastructure.

DfLIM collects metadata from all IM's sent and received, and then provides analysis to operators for global usage, individual usage and site usage. Information is even broken out by internal use and federated use where possible.As well as stats appearing in the Enterprise Commander console, they can also be shared as PDF, XML, and SCV with an ad-hoc or scheduled report.

User Comments

Comment from: David TuckerOn 27-Aug-13Hi John. Thank you for the kind comments. Keep an eye out for the official announcement very soon!
Comment from: John DavisOn 27-Aug-13This looks like a great product. When will it be available?

August 23 2013
Communications time-line gets IMs added
Related to: Dossier: IM

IM's become part of the Communications Timeline widget as part of the soon to be released Dossier for Lync IM Product. The Communications Timeline shows all communications to and from individual users on a time graph. The graph can be scrolled in either direction and zoomed for particular times of interest.

Each entry in the time line can be clicked to show more detail about the entry and then linked through to complete session details, including diagnostics and call Quality of Service information.


August 22 2013
Federation Tester now has even more stats
Related to: Federation Tester

A new release of the Event Zero Federation Tester today has introduced call stats to the call diagnostics.

When a call completes successfully, the results window will show a number of stats about the call including Remote URI, remote agent type, jitter, packet loss, packet count, and round trip delays.

You can check out the Event Zero Federation Tester at http://www.eventzero.com/Tools/FederationTester/?view=TestNow

August 21 2013
Event Zero Lync Agent Manager now with automatic signin based on your Lync availability

The latest version (1.2.6) of the Event Zero Lync Agent Manager (EZLAM) now has the ability to set agent groups to automatically sign-in and sign out based on the users Lync availability.  When a group is set to Lync mode, EZLAM will automatically sign the user into the formal group when their Lync client is Available, and similarly when they go Away, Offline, or Be Right Back, EZLAM will automatically sign the user out of the select groups.

Version 1.2.5 is available now - free from the downloads section of the Event Zero web site.      



August 20 2013
Keep up-to-date with what's new @ Event Zero

Be the first to hear about cool new stuff at Event Zero with the new feature on this page called "Keep me up-to-date" (KMUTD).

KMUTD helps you quickly and easily add either your SIP or E-Mail address to instantly receive updates from Event Zero as soon as they are posted. If you sign up for E-Mails, we will send you the full what's new content so you don't even need to visit the site to hear about cool stuff.

If you use your SIP address, KMUTD will send you a brief IM with the headline of the article and a short link to the full article itself.

Each message sent out also includes a link to unsubscribe should you not want to receive any further updates.

August 17 2013
Event Zero Lync Agent Manager now with automatic signin

The latest version (1.2.3) of the Event Zero Lync Agent Manager (EZLAM) now has the ability to set agent groups as manual sign-in or automatic sign-in. When set to automatic mode sign-in, EZLAM will automatically sign the user into pre-selected formal groups when he or she logs into their workstation, and similarly when they logout or the computer goes to sleep EZLAM will automatically sign the user out of the select groups.

Version 1.2.3 is available now - free from the downloads section of the Event Zero web site.

August 16 2013
Modality usage tracker
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

The modality usage tracker is a new feature in Dossier for Lync Essentials version 2.4 that tracks the total amount of minutes used by modality across your entire Lync Environment.

August 15 2013
Microsoft Lync IM statistics broken down by site
Related to: Dossier: IM

New improvements in version 2.4 of Enterprise Commander (Event Zero's application framework) have expanded the capabilities of the platform to enable hosted Apps (such as the soon to be announced new product Dossier for Lync IM) an ability to pivot large amounts of data for solving complex problems.

An example of this is Dossier for Lync IM's ability to break IM statistics down in real-time by factors such as user, site, client type and so on.

Dossier for Lync IM has interactive real-time dashboards and drill downs by site for IM volume, IM Bandwidth, top IM'ers, and heat maps.

August 14 2013
Dossier for Lync Essentials introduces call quality mapping against SLA's
Related to: Dossier: Enterprise Voice

Version 2.4 of Dossier for Lync Essentials (#DfLE) introduces a new dashboard for Site based SLA compliance monitoring. Each site can be individually assigned a minimum call quality level and time tolerance that DfLE compares against live call data to establish each sites compliance. As each call is completed within a site, the calls quality of experience is calculated into the overall sites 15 minute Call Quality average.

Each site's location is then rendered on the map with the relevant call quality level and colored green for sites that are currently within compliance and red for sites that are not within compliance limits. The dashboard also generates a list of sites, ordered by those currently not within compliance limits followed by those that are.

As with all dashboards in Enterprise Commander Application Framework, the Lync Call Quality dashboard is both calculated and displayed in real-time, giving system operators instant feedback about the currently SLA compliance across their entire Microsoft Lync infrastructure regardless of how small or large it may be,

UC Commander™ is a trademark of Event Zero Pty Ltd - © Copyright Event Zero Pty Ltd 2005-2015. All Rights Reserved.