Enoten (formerly Event Zero) was founded in 2005 by a few Australian IT entrepreneurs to build computer systems concentrating on complex analysis. Enterprise Commander grew out of these early efforts as a tool designed to control and manage large numbers of assets in the Enterprise.

And then – something happened in unified communications. Once again, everything changed. Typical with software, needs change, competitors emerge, and new opportunities reveal themselves. Microsoft released Lync Server 2010, and a paradigm shift occurred in the Unified Communications market. Typical with complex systems like Lync Server, monitoring and management tools didn’t exist. Microsoft customers who were using Lync Server found it incredibly powerful, but lacking in reporting and analytics. The Enoten team recognized this shortcoming.

The UC Commander platform was born. Customized reports revealing new data in different ways, busy time heat maps, conference call data, and Response Group data were added or enhanced to meet the demand.

Microsoft acquired the UC Commander intellectual property in 2015.


Advanced device provisioning managment and beyond

Enoten is now in a new chapter. Over the past year, new research into emerging and existing technologies continues. Provisioning of Polycom devices (phones, video systems) are at the forefront of this research. Enoten is committed to their customer’s needs in making the next technical paradigm leap, and easing the management and technical burden all companies experience in their day-to-day operations.

Enoten is currently working on new tools to empower small to enterprise-scale businesses manage their voice over IP (VoIP) phone and conferencing system devices. Our goal is to make the process of managing the configurations and updating of endpoint devices as simple as possible. We think that we deliver on that goal with our Unified Device Manager series of tools.