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Supporting software for use with UDM Pro

UDM Pro Bridge

Version: 1.0.2

Software used to allow devices to receive device profiles and software from UDM Pro. Does not function as a standalone product.


Free unsupported tools from Event Zero

IM Broadcaster

The Event Zero IM Broadcaster is a tool that enables users to send a broadcast IM message to a specified Active Directory group.

.NET Framework 4.5
UCMA 4.0 Runtime

Outlook Contact Federation Finder

Outlook Contact Federation Finder (OCFF) is a tool that scans your Outlook for e-mail addresses and then adds each address that is federation capable to your Lync client.

This is experimental so use carefully.

Call Audio Test

This zip contains the Call Audio Test installer.


Downloads for older Event Zero products

UC Commander Connector

Version: 5.0.986

This file contains the UCC Connector installer which is a single install for all Connector components including all Enterprise Voice components, devices and users, Polycom Provisioning and Operations components.

UC Commander Manager

Version: 2.0.243

UC Commander is the core component of all Event Zero legacy products. Event Zero on-premises customers should download this MSI to install the on-premises version of UC Commander. Event Zero cloud customers do not require this file. The installation guide to install UC Commander is available at our Documentation portal.

UC Commander Server Updates


This distribution contains the combined Server and UI updates/file for UC Commander installed on Microsoft Windows Server. Customers should only use this in conjunction with the update/installation documentation.

UC Commander PowerShell Module

Version: 1.7.00

Provides cmdlets for interacting with UC Commander. For more information, visit the PowerShell documentation


Freely accessible services from Event Zero


Twitter to Lync/Skype4B IM Bridge

Twync is a Twitter to Federated Lync/Skype4B IM bridge or in simple terms, Twync is a tool that enables Lync/Skype4B users to receive "Tweets" from Twitter in their IM client. Twync is currently a one-way bridge that allows traffic in the form of tweets from Twitter to flow into a Lync/Skype4B IM client, it's very simple to use and requires no software to be installed (client or server) provided your Lync/Skype4B environment has either open federation or is federated with Event Zero.

Twync is provided by Event Zero to all Lync/Skype4B users as a free service. Feel free to share this page with your friends and colleagues.

Federation Tester

Remotely test your Lync/Skype4B federation

Federation is one of the key aspects to Microsoft’sLync/Skype4B Server products, it enables users to connect to organisations outside of their own, using the internet, rather than breaking out over PSTN or ISDN lines to make calls. Lync/Skype4B federation allows for end to end user communications using IM, Voice, Video and Conferencing.

Setting up Lync/Skype4B federation is reasonably simple once an Edge Server is installed – for information on setting up Lync/Skype4B federation in your organisation, please refer to the Microsoft documentation.

Once you have Lync/Skype4B federation setup you can use the Event Zero Federation Tester to check if your federation is working correctly. Just click the “Test Now” tab above and follow the instructions. The Event Zero Federation Tester can help you test both incoming and outgoing federation in both Voice and IM modalities.