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March 08 2016
Skype for Business 3S’s for Success - Speed, Scale & Simplicity

Time and time again, we hear about Unified Communications (UC), or Skype for Business in this case, and the nirvana of “It Just Works."  We get a lot of questions about how to get there and the constraints in achieving deployment success.  In the hunt for the successful Skype for Business deployment, operations teams ask for three things: They want to go fast, they want to support scale and they need to do it simply.  However, in the desire for the 3S’s (Speed, Scale and Simplicity) we forget to apply the 3S’s as a rule for processes and infrastructure transformation.

Through Event Zero’s 3S series, we will explore these fundamentals, from Event Zero analytics to eco-system concerns of project management, deployment and operations and how together, we reach the nirvana of “Skype for Business Just Works.” The goal is attainable and there are many large deployments in this state today.   The series will consist of a set of blog posts, interviews with experts, webinars with Skype for Business MVPs, and a number of videos to help us all reach our Skype for Business goal of Speed, Simplicity and Scale.

Follow our 3S Video Series Starting March 8th on YouTube, Blog and our live Webinar April 19th.

Questions worth asking
• Does operations have simple useable interfaces? 
• How long does it take to validate changes?
• Can we manage scale without adding heads? 
• Does our data warehouse transact fast enough to provide data? 
• Is the data provided simple enough to understand?
• Can we present the data to stakeholders?
• Can we scale our processes with existing tools?

Why is the 3S framework so important?
Business transformation by way of Skype for Business starts with goals of moving to technology that supports the pace and needs of business today and the future. The platform allows one-click rich communication of voice, video, mobility and information enabling the global workface to break communications barriers. This is not a PBX, its UC.  Organizations that can achieve the 3S’s reach the goal of supportable long term operations, business transformation, and the intended return on investment (ROI). In this series, we will see how the 3S’s complement each other, creating a synergy from one to the next, leading to successful Skype for Business deployments that “Just Work.”

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