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Have you ever been in a situation where you wish something or someone would interrupt you so you can get on with more important work?  Wish no more: Big Boss is the answer!

Big Boss can call your Lync Federated phone and play a message when you want. Simply type in your federated address, select the call type and click call – in seconds your phone will ring and you have an instant excuse to do something else.

It's also a free tool, so use it as often as you like.

Integrate with your existing asset or monitoring systems to bring their knowledge about your endpoints into Enterprise Commander and so give you a unified view of your world.

Event Zero offers services to support the implementation of software solutions.  These services are primarily designed to reduce the time required to achieve success.  These services are also intended to reduce the burden on customer IT staff and Project Managers.

Services offered under Customer Success Engineering cover the entire spectrum of services that could be required in an installation, ranging from testing to customisation to training to support and project management.  By offering these services, we enable customers to achieve very rapid deployments and faster ROI without impacting IT organisations that are by definition continually overworked and under-resourced.

Pricing for Customer Success Engineering is designed to be attractive, and is generally done at cost in order to support the primary objective of supporting customers.

Data Source Reconciliation provides customers with reports and power lists that allow the reconciliation of entities across sources of data, e.g. a user is in AD but has not been seen logging on for >30 days. 

Dossier for Enterprise Print provides combined asset and utilization intelligence for enterprise printer fleets through an organisation wide, real time, continuously updated usage database for printers and printing activity. Specifically designed to assist ICT service delivery and facilities business units to gain a far better understanding  of the dimensions and nature for large and small distributed printer fleets, and how local, workgroup and enterprise printing is actually used in the organisation.

Dossier for Users and Computers (DUC) is a product that is supplied free with Enterprise Commander. DUC expands Enterprise Commander by providing the foundation data for Users and Computers across the organisation. 

Replacing existing expensive conferencing services with Lync is one of the most used business cases for introducing Lync technology into business. Call conference costs can be reduced by as much as 60%-70% while at the same time providing increased functionality and features to this well used communication tool. Realising conference call cost savings is easy, but proving the ROI to the business is often overlooked and an understanding of how this new technology is actually being adopted across the enterprise is next to impossible.

Introducing the first tool built specifically for Lync Conference reporting - Dossier for Lync Conferences. Dossier for Lync Conferences is built from the ground up to provide real-time Operational Awareness around your Lync conferencing capabilities, providing for the first time, dedicated data and reports to aid your organisations ROI and adoption reporting.

One of the most frustrating elements to any communications infrastructure is not knowing who and what is connected to it. Customers no longer need to be in the dark with Microsoft Lync – Dossier: Devices breaks that mold! Administrators can now see what devices are connected to which Lync Servers/Pools and most importantly who is using those devices, all in real-time.

Dossier: Devices also provides advanced analytics and reporting for provisioning and auditing purposes.

The Dossier: Enterprise Voice module enables administrators to gain unparalleled insights into all aspects of Lync/Skype for Business voice traffic, for both PSTN and internal P2P calls.  Proactively determine environmental issues in real-time with simple and easy-to-understand charts and tables, review usage patterns, and plan for future growth.  Troubleshooting individual call issues has never been easier with the Call Expert, which combines telemetry from not only the call in question, but also server performance metrics, and aggregate statistics from all other calls that used the same pathways during the same time period. This helps administrators get to the bottom of what caused poor call quality quickly and efficiently.

Instant Messaging (IM) has over the past 10 years become one of the cornerstones of all Unified Communications implementations and Microsoft Lync has one of the best implementations of Enterprise IM available. With advanced features such as encryption and easy-to-access federation, Lync is a clear front runner in the field, but when it comes to reporting and compliance, Lync falls short on the tools Enterprise Organizations require. Lync’s out-of-the-box reporting lacks even simple Organizational  wide data about IM users.

Dossier for Lync IM significantly extends the reporting available for Lync IM to organizations of all sizes, providing true “Operational Awareness”. From simple data about IM volume and use on an environment wide, site level and individual level, through to advanced analytics that can help HR find the most influential users across the organisation.

It’s common knowledge that Unified Communications is changing the way organizations big and small are communicating internally and with the world. Leading the charge in the new breed of platforms in the UC space is Microsoft’s Skype for Business Server (formerly Lync). But voice communications is a mission critical tool for all businesses: if you can’t communicate, you can’t do business. Given the critical nature of voice, and the adoption rates, how do management and executive teams become comfortable with their deployments of this new technology, both during adoption and after completing deployment?

Introducing Dossier: Managers. When it comes to providing management-level views and reports, Dossier: Managers is your answer and the must have tool for every Lync/Skype for Business deployment. Best of all: it’s completely free and deployed in just minutes!

Microsoft Lync introduced many organisations to a low cost, feature rich alternative to traditional call centre software called Response Group Services. And while Response Group Services is a feature built into the standard Lync product, it lacks good management, analysis and reporting support out of the box. Dossier: Response Groups fills that gap.

Federation is one of the key aspects to Microsoft’s Lync Server products, it enables users to connect to organisations outside of their own, using the internet, rather than breaking out over PSTN or ISDN lines to make calls. Lync federation allows for end to end user communications using IM, Voice, Video and Conferencing.

Setting up Lync federation is reasonably simple once an Edge Server is installed – for information on setting up Lync federation in your organisation, please refer to the Microsoft documentation.

Once you have Lync federation setup you can use the Event Zero Federation Tester to check if your federation is working correctly. Just click the “Test Now” tab above and follow the instructions. The Event Zero Lync Federation Tester can help you test both incoming and outgoing federation in both Voice and IM modalities.

Lync Federation Tester is a free tool provided by Event Zero. Feel free to use it as many times and as often as you like. Please also take the time to check out our other Lync Apps.

Greentrac Compliance provides reporting required by the Australian Federal Government GreenICT guidelines, reducing compliance reporting costs whilst providing ongoing reporting to enable greater compliance.

Introducing the World’s Best PC Fleet Power Management Solution

Event Zero’s Greentrac product suite extends achievable workstation energy savings from the traditional 25% potential to levels as high as 85%.  The toolkit contains the necessary components to enable a broad range of targeted strategies including user engagement, safe power state change and unparalleled reporting to support all management information requirements.

Greentrac Essentials provides real-time and scheduled reporting covering the organization, the sites, the asset infrastructure and use of the asset infrastructure.

Essentials also provides easy to use targeting of power policies (more than 30 variables) that enable power policies to be effectively deployed without negatively impacting users and their productivity.

Greentrac Incite provides the most sophisticated messaging system for supporting end users in changing their energy consumption patterns without the need for power policies and without any impact to the end user privacy.

Incite supports balloon, dialog box and full screen messaging with adjustable frequency and trigger criteria.

What is your PC fleet energy consumption? How much energy is your company wasting? Do you know your savings opportunities? How will energy cost increases, carbon taxes and fleet replacements affect your costs and footprint going forward?

The Greentrac PC Fleet Energy Audit is a comprehensive, fact-based audit of the energy consumption, cost, carbon footprint, waste and savings opportunities associated with the PC fleet including per-user profiles. There is currently no comparable audit product available in the market. The audit will provide an insightful viewinto the PC fleet, built using a bottom up analysis of all PCs, monitors, andoptionally, all network printers. The audit will also provide high-level projections of expected changes to power consumption and energy costs going forward two years.

Greentrac Ready Pool allows customers to control and manage the availability of PCs in environments with highly dynamic usage requirements. Ready Pool ensures you maximise the availability of shared PCs for users, whilst minimising energy waste and carbon footprint. Ready Pool is designed for environments such as internet kiosks in airport lounges, university computer labs and libraries, POS terminals in supermarkets, or in overflow and disaster recovery sites.

Greentrac Ready Pool offers the perfect solution to automatically power-up and power-down PCs which are defined as belonging to a pool to ensure that your staff or users always have access to the right number of PCs needed at any given time. Greentrac Ready Pool creates a perfect fit, between varying levels of demand over the course of any given day, and the number of PCs that are available to meet that demand.

Important: Operations: E911 Alert is now end of life and not available for sale.

Enabling users to call for emergency assistance is a critical part of any organisations communications systems. Users expect to be able to pick up a phone and call emergency services for help regardless of where they are or what phone system they use. It’s also critical that phone system operators and security staff are alerted of emergencies as well.

Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business provide support for the E911 standard emergency calls, and enables alerts to be sent as an IM to configured operators. Operations: E911 Alert extends those capabilities by providing improved alerting to operators and security staff that need to be notified as quickly as possible when an emergency call is made.

For real-time communications platforms, it is critical that your entire infrastructure is operating smoothly at all times. UC Commander's monitoring console helps administrators see how the overall Lync/Skype for Business infrastructure is performing in real-time. Using Microsoft's Key Health Indicator metrics (KHI), UC Commander can quickly display and correlate the "what, where, when" and most importantly, the "why" of hardware related problems that can impact your users Skype for Business experience.

The Outlook Contact Federation Finder is a new tool from Event Zero that scans your Microsoft Outlook e-mails for e-mail addresses that you use and then uses Microsoft Lync to check if any of those users can be contacted with Lync Federation (eg IM and Voice) and if so, adds those e-mail addresses as contacts in your Lync client.

The tool is currently experimental, so please be careful when you use it. After the tool becomes stable, we will also release the source code so others can contribute and build on the tool.

Oh - and it's free provided you download it from the Event Zero web site.

Polycom has a rich suite of Lync-certified desk phones from the VVX, SoundPoint and SoundStation families that work very well with Lync and Skype for Business. They're nearly infinitely customizable and can suit even the most demanding customer requirements. However, configuring, provisioning and managing these phones has never been easy and requires an FTP expert to make it easy to use.  For maximum configuration ability, you are currently required to create FTP servers while manually managing the phone’s XML files.  A lot of work to deploy the phones…until now.

Event Zero’s Provisioning Polycom module for its UC Commander suite turns that difficult, time-consuming task into a simple, GUI-driven tool that automates the entire process. With this new tool, you can easily create numerous configurations that can be applied at the global, site, group, phone or even individual device level.  You can now easily provide sales users a dedicated button for calling the warehouse, and receptionists several buttons for reaching various teams. Your Paris office needs a picture of the Eiffel Tower on their phone as a reminder of how beautiful the city is, while New York users get one of the Empire State Building and San Francisco gets the Golden Gate bridge. Rolling out new firmware updates can be done globally at the click of a button.

The UCC Provisioning Polycom module is available today, you have to see it to believe it.

One of the most time consuming tasks in managing your Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business infrastructure is keeping track of your Direct-In-Dial (DID) and Extension (EXT) number ranges. Neither Lync nor Skype for Business provide an easy method for doing this, and when there are multiple administrators in your UC operations team, it becomes very easy to lose track of these allocations. This leads most organisations to using cumbersome and inflexible spreadsheets.

Introducing Provisioning: Range Manager, or Range Manager for short. Range Manager does away with all those awkward spreadsheets and PowerShell scripts, and automatically manages your number ranges for you. This minimizes the time spent managing your number ranges, greatly reducing the risk of allocation mistakes.

Event Zero provides a number of training courses to help you get the best out of your investment. These can be delivered at Event Zero premises or onsite at customer premises.

Twync is a Twitter to Federated Lync IM bridge or in simple terms, Twync is a tool that enables Lync users to receive "Tweets" from Twitter in their IM client. Twync is currently a one-way bridge that allows traffic in the form of tweets from Twitter to flow into a Lync IM client, it's very simple to use and requires no software to be installed (client or server) provided your Lync environment has either open federation or is federated with Event Zero.

Twync is provided by Event Zero to all Lync users as a free service. Feel free to share this page with your friends and colleagues.

UC Commander is the core framework for the entire suite of Event Zero's product line, including:

  • Dossier - Lync/Skype for Business analytics and reporting
  • Provisioning - including Polycom phone provisioning and phone number assignment
  • Operations - ensuring your Lync/Skype for Business environment is functioning properly

Using a visually striking, consistent and easy-to-navigate web-based UI, UC Commander gives administrators unparalleled control and insight into their environment.

UC Commander™ is a trademark of Event Zero Pty Ltd - © Copyright Event Zero Pty Ltd 2005-2015. All Rights Reserved.