Enterprise-ready device provisioning and management

Freeing up time for managing your telecoms estate

Unified Device Manager (UDM) Pro is designed for and scaled to the Enterprise Information Technology department. Provision and manage tens of thousands of endpoints with an intuitive and powerful interface.

Provisioning an IP phone with FTP or SFTP with manually coded XML files is at best inconvenient and at worst, a management nightmare. Add to that the management and distribution of firmware releases and the complexity increases.

Event Zero has re-envisioned the process with UDM Pro, turning a difficult, time-consuming task into a simple, GUI-driven tool that automates the entire process. Imagine a layered dynamic configuration that provides what is needed by each site, model, group, or even a specific device.

Built-in configuration options

UDM Pro contains dozens of pre-built device profiles that enable or disable many common device features. Use as many as needed to meet your requirements.

Create your own device profiles

If the built-in device profiles aren't to your liking, you can roll your own using our simple-to-use interface. No XML coding required!

Multi-layered deployment 

Apply one or more device profiles globally or limit them to specific locations, device models, groups or other custom parameters. Devices will merge profiles from multiple levels, giving admins unlimited control.

Manage locally, deploy globally

Design your global device provisioning and management strategy using our centralized UI, and deploy using one or more provisioning bridges distributed as needed.

Simple resource management

Upload pictures, music-on-hold files and device software to the UI and UDM Pro will automatically distribute them to all bridges.

Run UDM Pro from anywhere

You can run UDM Pro either entirely within the cloud, entirely within your datacenter or a mix of cloud and on-premises. 


UDM Pro supports all current models of:

  • Polycom VVX, SoundPoint, SoundStation and Trio devices (except Microsoft Teams only)
  • Yealink phones and conference device (except Microsoft Teams only)
  • AudioCodes devices coming soon

Want to see UDM Pro in action?

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