UDM Ranger

UDM Ranger makes the task of tracking, managing and allocating phone numbers to users easy, without the use of spreadsheets or other manual, error-prone processes.

One of the most tedious tasks in managing your Microsoft Skype for Business infrastructure is keeping track of Direct-inward-dial numbers (DID/DDI) and extension ranges.

Skype for Business doesn’t provide an easy method for doing this and when there are multiple administrators in your operations team, it becomes very easy to lose track of these allocations. It seems everyone uses a bloated spreadsheet that’s always out of date or incorrect.

UDM Ranger makes managing your phone numbers easy. Changes in Skype for Business phone number assignments are immediately reflected in Ranger for everyone to see, and the Ranger PowerShell module makes it simple to automate number allocations to new users.

Easy to get started

Simply enter a few details about a phone number/extension range and Ranger will take care of the rest

Active Directory Sync

Connect Ranger to your Active Directory, and all assigned numbers will automatically appear

Rich PowerShell Interface

Easily import/export or make bulk changes to multiple phone number blocks using our PowerShell module

Easily assign unused numbers

Use our PowerShell module in your existing workflow to assign the next available number in a range

Not just for Skype for Business

Ranger also works with other telephone systems that store phone numbers in Active Directory

Want to see Ranger in action?

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